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About our Exclusive Projects

As a creative and ever-evolving studio, we’re continuously refreshing our portrait portfolio, and we’re on the lookout for families, couples, pet parents, and children to participate in our most renowned photography projects.

Every week, we will be selecting a handful of participants to receive a complimentary session and 14″ gifted artwork for their home!



Family Legacy

This heartwarming project is designed to celebrate cherished moments and enduring connections that span generations. This collection goes beyond traditional imagery, delving deep into the narratives that shape families.


Forever Love

This extraordinary couple portrait series stands as a tribute to the enduring power of love and commitment. This project is designed to honor and celebrate couples who have shared their lives for over 5 years.

Pet Parents

Through expertly crafted portraits, we celebrate the joy, companionship, and unconditional love that defines the relationship between pets and their parents. Capturing the essence of the human-pet bond, whether with cats or dogs, serves as a reminder of the roles our fur babies play in our lives.

Classic Children

Through our artistic lens, we craft timeless portraits that immortalize the unique personalities of children, capturing fleeting moments before they blossom into young adults. Apply to join us in preserving the cherished essence of childhood in exquisite, everlasting artworks.

What to expect?

1. If you get selected, our team will send you an SMS and an email to notify your success.

2. We will call to schedule your appointment at our studio and advise you on attire and makeup for your special day.

3. You will receive a complimentary photography experience which is approximately 2 hours with our top portrait artists.

4. You will get to view all the stunning images captured from your portrait session and you can select your favorite image for your 14” gifted artwork.


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