Terms & Conditions

Last updated 21 May, 2023




To secure your session time, a fully refundable holding deposit of $200 is required.  This applies to all portrait sessions.  Your holding deposit will be refunded in full unless you:

  • Reschedule your session more than once

  • Do not show up for your scheduled session.

  • Cancel your original session without rescheduling it first.

  • Any cancellation request must be made more than 2 weeks from the session day and time.



It includes a complimentary camera study session with our photographers in our studio.  Every experience includes a design consultation where you will view your images taken by our photographer.  At that time, you will be able to choose one image to be produced into a 14” fine art portrait in our classic finish.  This portrait has a value of $1500.  There is no obligation to purchase any further artwork.  Any additional artwork need to be purchased at the designated retail price.  

We have multiple sizes and finishes available that can be customized to suit your needs.  If you choose to purchase additional artwork instead of the single complimentary 14” portrait, the $1500 value from this complimentary 14” can be used as a credit toward any of the purchased artwork or artwork collections.  

Each experience is valid for a session with up to 8 participants.  Additional participants may be subject to a fee.  This experience cannot be used with any other offer, redeemed for cash, or used in any other way than described.  This gift cannot be used to purchase artwork from a previous session.  Only ONE (1) Gift Experience may be redeemed per family per year.  

Sessions and/or gifts are non-transferable and can only be used by the person it is registered to.  It cannot be sold or given to another family member, friend, or individual.



If you place an order with Park Hill Portraits it will have the following terms and conditions.  We retain the copyright to all imagery and reserve the right to use it for displays, exhibitions, or promotional/marketing purposes.  All imagery will receive our signature artistry by our commissioned artists.  Any other requests must be made at the time of your order and specified on the order form.  



If your order arrives to you damaged and cannot be used for its intended use, we will replace the item free of charge.  If your framed products are damaged or lost in a disaster such as fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, or moving house we will replace your framed products for any of these reasons for a 100-year period from your purchase.  



Park Hill Portraits offers clients several flexible low or no interest payment plan options to help you pay off the cost of your artwork over a period of time.  All payment plans must be authorized in agreement by signature on the sale of the invoice.  Installments must be direct debited from a credit card or debit card in line with the agreed upon payment schedule.  Physical artwork will enter the finishing stage once the invoice total is paid in full.  If you wish to make additional payments or pay out your payment plan, you can do this at any point.



If your scheduled payment plan is declined, Park Hill Portraits will attempt to re-process that scheduled payment on the next business day. Should this 2nd payment decline 14 days from this date, Park Hill will issue you with a notice to rectify the payment within 14 days.  If your account is not updated within the 30 days from the original notice to rectify, we reserve the right to allocate your overdue payments to a debt collection process.  

Any fees associated with this will be at your cost.  If any payment to your credit card is unsuccessful, a dishonor fee of $25 per unsuccessful payment will be added to your account.  In the event of any change to your credit card number or credit card expiration for either the principal or supplementary credit card used for your recurring payment plan, you must notify the studio accordingly.