Kind Words

We are thankful and humbled by the kind words we receive from our clients.

What our clients say

Won a contest and we got a free portrait done, the experience was overall amazing! The photographer we had did so well working with our babies! The other day our portrait came in and I am IN LOVE with the way it turned out. Wish I know how to post the picture on here.

C.L | Google Review

Jessica was great being patient with my little kids. The receptionist was likewise understanding! Dane explained the options but I felt no pressure to go over budget. Lovely classical music played in the background. I like seeing the pictures and deciding the best one right after we took them. Thanks for a splendid visit!

C.T | Google Review

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to take pictures at Park Hill Fine Art Portraits and it was a phenomenal experience. Park Hill’s team is very professional and they genuinely care about the quality of their services delivered. 

P.S. | Google Review

Great customer service throughout the entire session. Wonderful photographer with lots of experience and absolutely amazing with young children. Thank you Park Hill Fine Art Portraits for making my family feel that this portrait session was just as important and meaningful to you as it was to us!

Ontiveros Family | Google Review

I had won a fur babies shoot from IG with my partner and I had planned to bring our pups with us. except they got car sick after 20 minutes of driving and it was a 3 hour drive. so we couldnt make I thought I was going to lose my deposit since the pups couldn’t do the trip. my partner called them and they actually accommodated us and shifted us to a couples shoot. it was a great time! from the front desk, to the photographer, and ben who we reviewed the photos with. No one was pushy they just showed us what photos and gave us space to decide…

E.M | Google Review

So happy with the final product of my girls photo! It’s absolutely beautiful. The whole process we were made to feel like royalty. It was great to feel like that for even just a moment. My girls were not really working with the photographer but the photographer did her very best to get them to smile and enjoy their time. They fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. I won this photo session and I wish I could’ve afforded to buy more or a larger piece. If I had the funds I would’ve 100% they are amazing. 

S.H | Google Review

We got chosen for the Fur Baby Experience and we had the best time ever. The staff was extremely nice and our portraits turned out wonderful. We were very impressed by how well they turned out and also how well all the others they have displayed in the office turned out. I highly recommend!”

Ember Family | Google Review

This was one of the best experiences my family and I ever had. I have two toddlers, everyone there was so patient, helpful, and kind. Amanda captured the most beautiful pictures of me and my kids. I highly recommend Park Hill Fine Art. The meaning behind what they do is so special and is so worth it.

Pitsey Family | Google Review

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